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Chapter 3 of the book of Ezra

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About the Book of Ezra Verses are found in the Old Testament of the MSG Holy Bible. All these verses in Ezra-3 have 547 words. Ezra has 280 verses total. Ezra was written in 456 - 444 BC.



      In the close of the foregoing chapter we left Israel in their cities, but we may well imagine what a bad posture their affairs were in, the ground untilled, the cities in ruins, all out of order; but here we have an account of the early care they took about the re-establishment of religion among them. Thus did they lay the foundation well, and begin their work at the right end. I. They set up an altar, and offered sacrifices upon it, kept the feasts, and contributed towards the rebuilding of the temple, ver. 1-7. II. They laid the foundation of the temple with a mixture of joy and sorrow, ver. 8-13. This was the day of small things, which was not to be despised, Zech. iv. 10.

Read this chapter Ezra-3 Ezra 3:1 When the seventh month came and the Israelites had settled into their towns, the people assembled together in Jerusalem.
Ezra 3:2 Jeshua son of Jozadak and his brother priests, along with Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, and his relatives, went to work and built the Altar of the God of Israel to offer Whole-Burnt-Offerings on it as written in The Revelation of Moses the man of God.
Ezra 3:3 Even though they were afraid of what their non-Israelite neighbors might do, they went ahead anyway and set up the Altar on its foundations and offered Whole-Burnt-Offerings on it morning and evening.
Ezra 3:4 They also celebrated the Festival of Booths as prescribed and the daily Whole-Burnt-Offerings set for each day.
Ezra 3:5 And they presented the regular Whole-Burnt-Offerings for Sabbaths, New Moons, and GOD's Holy Festivals, as well as Freewill-Offerings for GOD.
Ezra 3:6 They began offering Whole-Burnt-Offerings to GOD from the very first day of the seventh month, even though The Temple of GOD's foundation had not yet been laid.
Ezra 3:7 They gave money to hire masons and carpenters. They gave food, drink, and oil to the Sidonians and Tyrians in exchange for the cedar lumber they had brought by sea from Lebanon to Joppa, a shipment authorized by Cyrus the king of Persia.
Ezra 3:8 In the second month of the second year after their arrival at The Temple of God in Jerusalem, Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua son of Jozadak, in company with their brother priests and Levites and everyone else who had come back to Jerusalem from captivity, got started. They appointed the Levites twenty years of age and older to direct the rebuilding of The Temple of GOD.
Ezra 3:9 Jeshua and his family joined Kadmiel, Binnui, and Hodaviah, along with the extended family of Henadad--all Levites--to direct the work crew on The Temple of God.
Ezra 3:10 When the workers laid the foundation of The Temple of GOD, the priests in their robes stood up with trumpets, and the Levites, sons of Asaph, with cymbals, to praise GOD in the tradition of David king of Israel.
Ezra 3:11 They sang antiphonally praise and thanksgiving to GOD: Yes! GOD is good! Oh yes--he'll never quit loving Israel! All the people boomed out hurrahs, praising GOD as the foundation of The Temple of GOD was laid.
Ezra 3:12 As many were noisily shouting with joy, many of the older priests, Levites, and family heads who had seen the first Temple, when they saw the foundations of this Temple laid, wept loudly for joy.
Ezra 3:13 People couldn't distinguish the shouting from the weeping. The sound of their voices reverberated for miles around.

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